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A backstage look with Nygma

Updated: May 12, 2022

In this weeks rig break down, we have Guitarist, Chris Perez

Crafting the live sound and what you produce in the studio, revolve around what gear/equipment you use to create your sound

“I've got my Vox tube amp, Boss-M83, and my Mariposa...and like the butterflies of chaos, my gear help me create the energy that gets the people moving - Chris Perez”

Knowing which effects to use and/or program into your pedal board is great for experimentation and knowing the best way to convey the atmosphere of the track

What effects and pedals do you like to use most?

When using my pedal board, the primary effects I use for our live performances would be my tube screamer, echo delay, and alternate between my flanger and phaser. Most of the time I leave my tube screamer on to really push a more punk tone, while switching or using in addition to the other effects to produce a more ethereal and psychedelic tone

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